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Who We Are

Marketing Services

  • Media Buying

    Let Ark Ideas build your campaign and handle the placement of each element.

  • Guerrilla Marketing

    Reach customers in new and unexpected ways with tactics like mobile billboards, armored trucks, real-estate signs and arrows.

  • CO-OP Management

    Ark successfully manages co-op funds, adds value, and develops best practices for leveraging co-op in channel.

  • IVR

    Our proprietary IVR tool routes and monitors incoming call volume across multiple ad campaigns, allowing you to evaluate campaign success.

Our Partners

Product Platforms


The Boost Elevate marketing engine provides retailers with custom tools to easily communicate with customers in new ways in order to drive traffic and sales.

SMS Text Messaging

Send MMA compliant text messages to your customers to remind them to top up or come back in store for promos and sales.

Retail Radio / Digital Signage

A customized radio station that leverages brand positioning and the music format to enhance the overall customer experience.

Always On Prepaid

Always On Prepaid provides unparalleled insights, organization & tools to improve success at retail locations. Collect information that can be easily visualized, acted upon, and optimized.