Retail Management Platform
Customizable software to streamline retail operations
Our web-based Retail Management Platform connects your locations and your people, creating a hub for your organization to access information and tools that help everyone do their jobs better.
Use Cases

Included Features & Tools
Built into the platform’s foundation are tools that help you connect with your team & implement processes that support accountability and transparency in your business.
Branded Experience Unlike other tools, our Retail Management Platform includes customization with your brand colors, fonts, and logos. Aligning this tool with your brand equals easier adoption by your team.
Role-Based Access Control who has access to what within your Retail Management Platform with multiple user roles. We work with you to determine what roles work best within your organization.
Announcements Communicate with your team within the context of your Retail Management Platform. Increase the impact of your message with strategic targeting & placement beside relevant information and tools to take action.
Checklists & Tasks Collect data from locations and create tasks for your team. Identify gaps with a wide-range of question types, and follow up with tasks to close them efficiently. Checklists & Tasks are great for performing store visits, implementing opening/closing procedures, and more.
Add Ons
Our add on tools enhance your Retail Management Platform based on your needs and goals.
Let your Retail Management Platform be the point of reference for all your important KPIs. Aggregate data from multiple sources and connect your relevant data points through elegant reports and useful visualizations.
Provide your team an avenue for informed conversations with one another, across several levels of your organization.
Message Board
Facilitate peer-to-peer conversation in a moderated environment. Provide answers to front line questions and endorse crowd-sourced advice.
Document Storage
An encyclopedia of information, easily accessible to everyone in your organization. Build a knowledge base for your team to access important documents, links, and media.
CRM & Marketing
Incorporate your customer information to facilitate communication with your base and prospects. Send email or SMS campaigns, and arm your store staff with outbound calling tools to provide premium support and increased customer retention/satisfaction.
Use Cases
No matter how many locations you support, there’s a version of Retail Management Platform that can suit you.
Name Your Goal
Have a goal in mind for your retail business? Let us help you achieve it using one of our tools. Contact Us or Sign up for a free consultation
A Multi-Location Owner’s Dream
Keep tabs on all your stores without needing to perform daily visits. Provide store managers with easy to implement tools that empower them and their frontline staff.
Expand With Confidence
Easily replicate success knowing you can provide a playbook and tools for new stores that can be implemented on day 1.
Inspect What You Expect
Maintain brand consistency across hundreds of locations by providing field teams and mid-level managers the tools they need to influence positive change where it’s needed. Allow retailers from different locations across the country or the world to communicate and share best practices to elevate the business.
The One Stop Shop
The source of truth for the multiple layers (and players) in your organization. Shared goals and consistency become a breeze when everyone from corporate to the front lines has access to information and tools that make work easier. Bring your marketing activities under one umbrella and allow individual chains a chance to control their destiny.
Product Support
Depending on your needs, our team is ready to support your staff through adoption and ongoing use of your Retail Management Platform. As part of our discovery process, we will work with you to determine what your team will need to ensure successful onboarding and engagement with your platform.
Available Support & Engagement Services
Account-level or full-service support & training (phone, chat, webinars)
User Guides
Ongoing go-to-market communications to accompany updates, improvements, and new tools
Email or in-platform communications to end users