Business Consulting
Technical & Operational Expertise to Overcome Challenges

Ark Ideas has a proven track record of helping retail businesses combat challenges and bring big ideas to life through software.

Leveraging technology is at the core of everything we do and our software products are the result of two decades of retail business consulting.

Whether it’s through one of our products or another solution, we want to help you remove your roadblocks to success.

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Areas of Expertise

If any of these areas are pain points in your business, we’d love to help.

API Integration
Since our inception, we’ve been leveraging the power of APIs. From a hosted chat-bot on AOL’s (now defunct) Instant Messenger platform to social integrations with Twitter, Facebook and Slack, Ark Ideas has the expertise to identify and integrate with any API.
Reporting Dashboards
Data is critical to success. This is a key lesson we’ve learned in our experience working with retail businesses. We’ll work with you to aggregate data and curate reporting that helps you spot and take advantage of trends.
Standard Operating Procedures
A major ingredient of good retail at scale is consistency. We’ve dedicated many years to helping clients build solid procedures that help them maintain service and brand consistency as they grow. Inspired by the book Checklist Manifesto, we’ve built tools that harness the power of checklists to build and execute operational procedures - reinforcing good habits and avoiding costly mistakes.
Software Onboarding, Implementation, and Engagement
Many of our software solutions have included custom implementation plans for our clients. We can propose and create plans to help your teams successfully adopt and stay engaged with new software solutions.
Marketing is our first love. We can provide innovative and tech-driven solutions for attracting new customers or engaging with existing ones while proving marketing ROI.
We’ve been designing for national retail brands for over 20 years. Let us provide you with a fresh creative perspective within your brand’s guidelines.
Compliant Messaging
Our brand experience extends to messaging. We’ll create communications that resonate with your retailers/reps while remaining consistent with your corporate brand, voice, and guidelines.

Case Studies &
Product Spotlights

Here's a few things we've been working on recently

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