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Working with Ark Ideas means gaining an ally that stands with you and adapts as your business changes. Our long-term clients love working with us because we’ve taken on their challenges as if they were our own, and we share their passion for making their vision a reality. Our software represents the best of our custom work for key clients and is a product of our strong relationships with our customers and partners.

Boost Mobile

Ark Ideas’ Elevate GO platform provides accountability for our entire team, leading to improved store standards and increased sales.

Shane Amawi | Owner
Boost Mobile by Cellutions

Ark Ideas has supported Boost Mobile and its individual dealerships since 2007. In our early days as a marketing agency, we developed custom campaigns for the carrier and supported marketing efforts with custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) lines.

In 2017, alongside B2B Soft, we launched the Boost Elevate suite of tools. Our contributions to the suite are Boost Elevate Marketing, a CRM digital messaging platform that allows Boost Mobile stores to connect directly with their customers, and Boost Elevate GO, a reporting engine with task management and compliance tracking tools.

VIP Wireless

Over the past 20 years I have worked with Ark Ideas in various capacities ranging from marketing and web development, to being a SaaS provider. Ark always takes a look at our needs and builds meaningful tools and services to help our company achieve our goals. Looking back, we started with Ark when we supported 14 stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and they helped us scale to become the largest prepaid phone distributor in the country supporting over 2,000 locations.

Jack Huston | CEO
VIP Wireless

VIP Wireless is Boost Mobile’s largest Direct Distribution Partner, supporting over 2,000 locations nationwide. Our work with VIP goes back to the early 2000s when we took over one of their failing T-Mobile stores to learn the wireless business.

Since then, we’ve served VIP in various capacities from marketing agency to business and technology consultants.

Ark Ideas’ key contributions to VIP include the development of several software platforms, including an online ordering website, field visit tool, CRM, and POS system. We’ve also worked closely with many of VIP’s largest retailers on developing and executing standard operating procedures.

Cell Phone Repair

Ark Ideas is a team of problem solvers. Their retail platforms allow us to move faster by creating a source of truth and centralized planning tools for our retailers, distributors, and corporate. The best part in working with Ark was that they had a grasp of our business that allowed them to anticipate our needs and achieve objectives without us needing to explain the business.

Blair Frock | VP of Retail
Cell Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair (CPR) is a leader in smartphone, tablet, laptop, and game console repair with 500+ locations in the US. We provide the Encompass platform for CPR, which features sales reporting, task management, communication, and document storage tools. We provide the Encompass platform for CPR, which features sales reporting, task management, communication, document storage, and IVR tools.

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